For Freedom and Profit


You are living in 17th century England. The year is 1614, and King James is granting charters 
for colonies in the New World. Jamestown, the first successful English colony in America, is 
thriving under the leadership of men such as John Rolfe and Captain John Smith. While the risks 
and hardships are considerable, the lure of limitless lands and untold wealth are very tempting. 
Throughout Great Britain, there is religious turmoil, social unrest, and widespread crime and 
unemployment. Opportunity beacons across the Atlantic Ocean for anyone daring enough to grab hold.


	You will set up a colony in the New World which the Spanish are calling America. Furthermore, 
you will make decisions which will affect the outcome of your colony, and fill out this packet. Lastly, 
you will run your colony through a computer simulation.


Jamestown Illustrations
Jamestown Timeline
Colonial Williamsburg
Archiving Early America


Joint-Stock Company  - a company in which people invest their money
Colony               - a town or settlement a country establishes in a New World
Colonists            - a person who lives in a colony
Charter              - a contract from the king granting permission for a colony  in the New World	
Headright            - 50 acres of free land given to someone who paid for their own passage to a colony
British Pound	     - English money
Militia	             - colonists who drill and train to defend the colony (citizen soldiers) 
Indentured Servant   - a person gives 4-7 years of free  service in exchange for passage to the New World 


	Click on the below link to go to the step by step instructions for 
making a colony in this project. Complete each section carefully before 
proceeding to the next. Teachers, you may wish to print out the following 
instructions as group handouts.


Project Instructions

Instructions: The Step by Step Process
Events and Decisions: So what happens to your colony?
Journal Project Instructions: The Project Write-up

Colin Kenney