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Pirates . . . er . . . privateers come to your aid. A war galleon sails into your harbor, and the privateers unload their cannons. When the Spanish attack, they face both your militia and the pirate crew; the invading conquistadors are soundly defeated. Your colony is saved!

However, the privateers have a request; one that you must honor. They will use your colony as a safe harbor. Their dangerous business will bring unsavory characters and great risk to your growing city. Control of your colony begins to slip from your fingers. You can only wonder at the chaos, dangers, and wealth that they will bring your way.

Still your colony has survived its infancy, and as more ships arrive from England, you look towards the future. What lies west beyond the furthest limits of your colony? Will there be more war? Will there be more wealth? Certainly, there will be more adventure. You take a deep breath, and taste the freedom of the New World.


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