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Question of Expansion

You are forced to institute "Martial Law." Every adult male in the colony now serves in the militia. Concerns of family and personal freedom come second to musket drills and guard duty. The toll upon your colony's social freedoms is considerable, and you can only wonder at the long term consequences. As the war continues, the Indians are slowly pushed back from their land.

Much of the first year has gone by. You and your colonists survived much suffering, made unforeseen sacrifices, and overcame many obstacles. Now that things are beginning to seem stable, you face a dangerous choice. Beyond the boundaries of your colony is the great unknown of the North American continent. What lies out there? King James is hoping to discover a Northwest Passage - a sea route leading to China. Is it worth the costs and risks of exploring into the widerness, or should you conserve your resources and focus upon stengthening your colony?


Page 19: If you wish to brave the dangers and explore the great unknown, go to page 19.
Page 12: If you choose to do the safe thing and spend your time and resources nuturing your colony, go to page 12.