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Your colony has survived much uncertainty and hardship, and the time has come to expand your holdings. Captain John Smith of Jamestown has been mapping the Atlantic coastline, finding many incredible places suitable for future colonization. Now it is your turn to send scouts into the North American wilderness to map beyond the safe boundaries of your growing colony. What will you find in that vast wild? What dangers lurk in the unknown? Where are England's great enemies - the Spanish and the French? Despite any trepidations and fears, you must forge ahead.


Page 21: If your colony was built anywhere above the latitude above 35 North, then go to page 21.
Page 21: On your trip across the Atlantic, if your ships had been blow off course far to the north to an "uncharted bay," then go to page 21.
Page 22: If your colony was built at or below the latitude 35 North, go to page 22.