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Colonial Journal Project


Materials : Construction Paper, 2 sheets of writing paper, handouts. All writing must be done in color pencil or fine-point pen.


Cover)             Construct journal. Fold the two sheets of white paper into the cover.

Write the name of your colony on the front outside cover.  Include an illustration on the front cover. Label the top of each page. (Use the bold-faced words as titles.) Make each page colorful.


Page 1)            Indentured Contract. Copy down the primary source contract using the

                        year 1614 and your name in the blanks.


Page 2)            Voyage. Copy Gottfried MittelbergerÕs journal (100 words minimum) about his voyage to the new world. Voyage to the New World


Page 3)            Fort. You will make a sketch of your fort. The sketch must include the walls, church, garden, armory, barracks, and gates. Also draw in the river/coast and the dock.


Pages 4-5)       GovernorÕs Log. Write a first-person journal entry summarizing the events of the first year of your colony. Use complete sentences and a 1st person POV.


Page 6)            Colonial Ledger. Reproduce the completed expense/costs chart from your



Page 7)            Vocabulary. Write down the following words and a one sentence definition for each term.


Joint-Stock Company 


Indentured Servant



Page 8)            Chief Powhatan. Color and paste in the sketch of Chief Powhatan. Beneath the picture, add a quote from Chief PowhatanÕs speech.